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Talking about the use of transparent Teflon corrugated pipe

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Talking about the use of transparent Teflon corrugated pipe

  • Categories:Industry news
  • Author:Miss Teflon tube
  • Origin:Miss Teflon tube
  • Time of issue:2010-01-12 15:21
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Talking about the use of transparent Teflon corrugated pipe

  • Categories:Industry news
  • Author:Miss Teflon tube
  • Origin:Miss Teflon tube
  • Time of issue:2010-01-12 15:21
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  1. Name of transparent Teflon bellows: Fep bellows, F46 tube, transparent Teflon bellows, PTFE bellows, Teflon bellows.

  The corrugated tube refers to a tubular elastic sensitive element connected by a foldable corrugated sheet along the folding and stretching direction. The wall of the corrugated tube is thinner, and the sensitivity is high, and the measurement range is from tens of Pa to tens of MPa. Its open end is fixed, and the sealed end is in a free state, and an auxiliary coil spring or reed is used to increase elasticity. When working, it is stretched along the length of the pipe under the action of the internal pressure, so that the movable end produces a displacement that has a certain relationship with the pressure. The movable end drives the pointer to directly indicate the size of the pressure. Since the expansion of the bellows requires a large volume change, its response speed is lower than that of the Bourdon tube, and the bellows is suitable for measuring low pressure.

  2. Color of transparent Teflon bellows:

  Common colors: transparent, black;

  Unusual colors: yellow, brown, green, blue.

  3. Characteristics of transparent Teflon bellows:

  (1) Common features:

  Operating temperature: -200 degrees to 200 degrees;

  Ease of processing: can flanging and welding;

  Aging resistance: can be exposed to ozone and sunlight for a long time without aging;

  High transparency: The refractive index is low among all plastics, and the flow of the medium in the pig can be viewed directly;

  Corrosion resistance: It can withstand the action of all strong acids, strong oxidants, strong reducing agents and various organic solvents except molten alkali metals, fluorinated media and those above 300°.

  (2) Unusual features:

  Density: 2.14-2.17g/cm³

  Volume resistance>1× 1018

  Surface resistance>2× 1013

  Arc resistance> 165 seconds without leakage

  Low water absorption: water absorption rate <0.1%

  Lower coefficient of friction: the coefficient of friction is smaller;

  The surface is not sticky: the known solid material head cannot stick to the surface;

  Non-combustibility: Will not burn in the air and meet the strict requirements for fire protection;

  Non-toxic: non-toxic, tasteless, physiologically inert, and harmless to people and the environment.




Figure 1 Source of Teflon bellows: Miss Teflon tube

  2. Common specifications of transparent Teflon corrugated pipe: (Unit: mm) Other specifications can be customized

  Metric system: outer diameter 6mm 8mm 10mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 38mm 60mm, etc.;

  British system: 1/8 inch 1/4 inch 3/8 inch

  1/2 inch 3/4 inch 1 inch

  3. Production of transparent Teflon corrugated pipe:

  Teflon is in charge of Miss Sister’s house.

  Fourth, the use of transparent Teflon corrugated pipe:

  (1) It can be used as tubular reactor and exchanger in special occasions;

  (2) It can be used as the feeding and discharging pipe of tank truck, storage tank, container and reaction kettle;

  (3) It can be used to replace graphite, ceramic, glass and other pipes with lower mechanical strength;

  (4) It can be used for pipe misalignment connection or used to balance pipe displacement and dimensional changes caused by weather or other reasons, or to eliminate high-frequency mechanical vibration;

  (5) Bellows are widely used in instruments and meters, and the main purpose is as a measuring element of a pressure measuring instrument to convert pressure into displacement or force;

  (6) The bellows is often combined with a displacement sensor to form a pressure sensor whose output is electricity, and sometimes it is also used as an isolation element.

  5. Life of transparent Teflon bellows:

  The life of the transparent Teflon bellows is the shortest working period or number of cycles that can guarantee normal operation when used under working conditions. The elastic sealing system composed of bellows often works under the condition of withstand a large number of cycles of variable loads and large displacements. Therefore, it is of great significance to determine the service life of transparent Teflon bellows. Because the role of transparent Teflon bellows is different, the requirements for its service life are also different.

  (1) When the transparent Teflon corrugated pipe is used to compensate the position deviation caused by the installation in the piping system, its life expectancy is only a few times.

  (2) Transparent Teflon bellows are used in constant temperature controllers with higher switching frequency, and their service life must reach 10,000 times to meet the requirements of use.

  (3) When the transparent Teflon bellows is used as a vacuum seal for a vacuum switch, its service life must reach 30,000 times to ensure normal operation.

  It can be seen from the above three use cases that due to different use conditions, the required service life of the bellows varies greatly. The life of the transparent Teflon bellows is related to the fatigue characteristics of the selected material, but also depends on the size of the residual stress of the formed bellows, the stress concentration and the surface quality of the bellows. In addition, the service life is related to the working conditions of the bellows. For example: Displacement, pressure, temperature, working medium, vibration conditions, frequency range, impact conditions, etc. of transparent Teflon bellows when working.

  During the working process of the bellows, its life span mainly depends on the maximum stress generated during the working process. In order to reduce the stress, it is generally achieved by reducing the working displacement of the bellows and reducing the working pressure. In general design, it is stipulated that the working displacement of transparent Teflon bellows should be less than half of its allowable displacement, and its working pressure should be less than half of the pressure resistance of the bellows.

  Miss Teflon tube home: Shenzhen DanKai Technology Co., Ltd. (ShenZhen DanKai Technology Co.,ltd.), whose predecessor was Dongguan DanKai Insulation Material Co., Ltd. Fluoroplastic Material Factory, which was established in 1998, specializing in FEP , PFA, PTFE and other fluoroplastic tube, rod, sheet and film products and other insulating materials research and development, production, sales and services of intelligent enterprises. The company has a senior R&D team with international standards and a production line of fluorine plastic products imported from abroad. Some fluoroplastic products have passed ISO9001, SGS, FDA certification, and have been fully affirmed by domestic and foreign cooperative customers such as Huawei, Foxconn, Midea, ZTE, Intel, and AirTAC. The main products of the company are: ①Tubes: Ptfe PTFE tube, Fep tube, Pfa tube, Pvdf tube; ②Heat-shrinkable tube: Ptfe heat-shrinkable tube, Fep heat-shrinkable tube, Pfa heat-shrinkable tube, Pvdf heat-shrinkable tube ; ③Board and rod film category: Ptfe board and rod film, Fep board and rod film, Pfa board and rod film, Pvdf board and rod film; ④Insulation materials: silica gel, PE, PVC, UPE, etc.; ⑤Special category: PFA imported connector, spiral Tube, spring tube, peeling tube, welding rod, tee, straight, gasket, joint, taper rod, flared tube, sealing tube, braided tube, bellows, etc. At the same time, fluorine plastic products of various specifications can be customized and processed according to customer requirements.

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