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PFA tube extruder is composed of molds

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PFA tube extruder is composed of molds

  • Categories:News
  • Author:PFA tube lady
  • Origin:DANKAI
  • Time of issue:2003-03-20 14:08
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PFA tube extruder is composed of molds

  • Categories:News
  • Author:PFA tube lady
  • Origin:DANKAI
  • Time of issue:2003-03-20 14:08
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In order to produce various types of FEP tube extruders, Shenzhen Dankai Technology Co., Ltd. combined with the FEP tube


extruders produced by the company to improve the technology, representing the introduction of domestic technology.


I. Gold FEP tube extruder composed of mold.


1-1 die head


The mold is mainly made of flanges. Die. Support plate. Splitter head. Mandrel and die, mainly by the flange. Die. Support plate.


Splitter head. Mandrel and mouth die.


The molten billet of the extrusion die head is drawn into the forming die cavity. Through the heat exchange of the flowing cooling


water in the forming die, the cooling and solidification can be achieved under the action of vacuum adsorption force to meet the


requirements of production speed and dimensional accuracy. Forming die mainly adopts one or more series of vacuum forming die.


The forming die consists of an upper and lower cover plate and a vacuum chamber. Template and stripe circulating cooling water




1-2 tank


The plastic will pass through the water tank for full cooling and auxiliary shaping, and the initial shaping will be completed in the


shaping mold. The tank can be divided into eddy current tank and simple tank.


Two, the main technical parameters.


2-1 Main technical parameters of the mold.


1. Choose 2Cr13.3Cr13.3Cr17 cavity material, hardness up to HRC26~32;


2. Fastening screw standard parts, GB70-85 grade 8.8 or above.


3. Heating power supply: voltage 220V, heating element power 2.5-3W/cm2.


4. The surface roughness of cavity is Ra≤0.4um; The roughness of the mating surface between templates is Ra≤0.8um.


5. Extrusion speed of ordinary profiles V≥2m/min(weight less than 1kg/m);


2-2 Main technical parameters of supporting equipment.


1. In general, extruder should be used. The plasticizing capacity of the main profile extruder depends on the size of the



2 Power supply conditions: voltage and pressure should be stable, water pressure should be above 0.2Mpa, water temperature

reached 14±1℃, and by softening and filtration treatment.


3. Equipment temperature control system error should be 2℃;


4. The power of vacuum pump equipment setting table should be greater than 7.5kv, closed vacuum value should be greater than



5. The length of the working face of the shaping platform should be greater than 4m, and it is equipped with two sets of vacuum

pump and water-air separation device for the use of vortex water tank.


ShenZhen DanKai Technology Co.,ltd. is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and


service of FEP, PFA, PTFE,PVDF and other fluoroplastic tube, bar, sheet and film products as well as other insulating materials.


The company has a senior research and development team of international standards and imported fluorine plastic products


production line, some fluorine plastic products passed ISO9001, SGS, FDA certification.


The main products are: ① pipe: PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene pipe, FEP pipe, PFA pipe, PVDF pipe; ② Heat-shrinkable tubes: PTFE


heat-shrinkable tubes, FEP heat-shrinkable tubes, PFA heat-shrinkable tubes, PVDF heat-shrinkable tubes; ③ Plate and rod films:


PTFE plate and rod film, FEP plate and rod film, PFA plate and rod film, PVDF plate and rod film; ④ Insulating materials: silica gel, PE,


PVC, UPE, etc.; ⑤ Special class: PFA inlet joint, spiral pipe, spring pipe, rotary cut pipe, welding rod, tee, straight, gasket, joint, taper


rod, flaring pipe, sealing pipe, braided pipe, corrugated pipe, etc. At the same time can be customized processing production of


various specifications of fluorine plastic products.


This article by the teflon tube little sister original, welcome to pay attention to, take you together long knowledge!


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