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How is the production process of PFA extruder

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How is the production process of PFA extruder

  • Categories:News
  • Author:PFA tube lady
  • Origin:DANKAI
  • Time of issue:2003-04-17 16:37
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How is the production process of PFA extruder

  • Categories:News
  • Author:PFA tube lady
  • Origin:DANKAI
  • Time of issue:2003-04-17 16:37
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In the production process, the operator must be familiar with the structural characteristics of the PFA extruder, the characteristics of the heating and cooling control instrument, the characteristics of the head and the assembly situation, in order to correctly grasp the technological conditions of the PFA extruder, the correct operation of the machine, extrusion of different product models and specifications, the operation method is different.

Prepare before starting.

1. Preparation and installation of molds.

1.1 According to the production arrangement, find out the mold of the product and the related sizing sleeve. Rubber bands. Clamps. Heating plates. Heating ring and operating tools (adjustable wrench. Hex wrench. Screwdriver. Sandpaper. Skid frame, etc.).

1.2 Check the mold. Define the diameter sleeve of each part, and light the part in contact with the material;

1.3 Installing the corresponding mold. Sizing sleeve. Rubber ring. Fixture, heating plate, heating ring, etc.;

1.4 Adjust the die clearance of the mold. Connect the heating plate. The power cord of the heating ring;

2. Check the PFA tube of the extruder main engine.

2.1 Check whether water, gas and oil routes are smooth, and whether there is water leakage, gas leakage, oil leakage, etc.

2.2 Turn on the host power, turn on the power switch of each heater, and set a low temperature. Check whether the temperature of each heater is normal with the thermometer. Turn off the power switch of the heater after all the temperature control instruments are in normal condition.

2.3 Check whether the vacuum pump of the host works normally, whether the pipeline is unblocked, and whether there is air leakage, water leakage, blockage, etc.

2.4 Check whether the feeding device is normal.

2.6 The temperature of each section of the mold shall reach the initial set value at the beginning of setting the operating temperature; The following are the reference temperature Settings:

2.5 Set the initial process temperature and turn on the heating switch of each section of the mold.

2.7 Each heating unit shall continue to hold heat for 30 minutes after the temperature of each section of the mold reaches the set value.

3. Extruder auxiliary machine inspection.

3.1 Check the cooling tank.

1) Turn on the power switch to cool the sink;

2) According to the front and back moving switch of the cooling tank, check whether the front and back moving of the tank is normal;

3) Open the inlet valve of the cooling water tank, open the running switch of the water pump, check whether the inlet water and sprinkler set are blocked, open the outlet valve of the water tank, and check whether the waterway is normal;

4) Open the vacuum pump of the sink and check the operation of the vacuum pump;

5) Check whether the level of the cooling tank is the same as the center line of the extruder;

3.2 Tractor.

1) Start the tractor and check whether the traction force of the tractor is normal;

2) By traction pressure. Lift the switch to check whether the gas path is normal;

3) Check whether the track position of the tractor can be adjusted;

3.3 Check the cutting machine and pipe rack.

A common saw blade cutting machine.

a) Check whether the action is normal, adjust the cutting height with the fixture, and do the cutting action.

Adjust the position of the cutting stroke switch.

Two, the planet cutting machine.

a) Check the cleanliness of the cutting machine studio and turn on the power switch of the cutting machine. Air valve switch;

b) Replace the front and rear clamps of the cutting machine;

c) Adjust the position of the cutting stroke switch and set the product length (which should be slightly larger than the actual length);

d) Adjust the position of the tool to make it have an appropriate feed amount;

e) Press the manual cutting button, start pre-feeding, and check the actual feeding position of the blade from both ends of the cutting machine;

f) If the feed quantity is not suitable, it shall be reset according to the above steps until appropriate;

g) Take about 2 meters of pipe segment with the same diameter as the pipe to be produced and put it on the clamps at both ends of the cutting machine. Repeat e) and f) to observe the cutting action and check the cutting effect. If the cutting effect is not good, adjust the cutting quantity;

3.4 For the main engine of extruder. Cooling tank. Tractor. Cutting machine. Check whether the center line of the drainage frame is in the same straight line; otherwise, it needs to be adjusted in the same straight line;

3.5 Install traction pipe on auxiliary machine;

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This article by the teflon tube little sister original, welcome to pay attention to, take you together long knowledge!


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