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Causes of poor plasticization of FEP tube extruder

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Causes of poor plasticization of FEP tube extruder

  • Categories:News
  • Author:PFA tube lady
  • Origin:DANKAI
  • Time of issue:2003-06-07 14:07
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Causes of poor plasticization of FEP tube extruder

  • Categories:News
  • Author:PFA tube lady
  • Origin:DANKAI
  • Time of issue:2003-06-07 14:07
  • Views:

Based on the production experience of Shenzhen Dankai, this paper analyzes the causes of poor plasticization of FEP tube extruder.


One. Burnt


1. Scorch phenomenon.

(1) The temperature reaction is too high, or the fault of the temperature control instrument leads to the ultra-high and mild burning

of FEP material.

(2) The nose of the glue outlet smoke is larger, there is a strong pungent smell, and another crackling sound.

(3) Granular char appears on the plastic surface.

(4) Continuous pores are adhesive joints.


2. Cause of burning.

(1) Ultra-high temperature control causes plastic burning.

(2) In the case of long-term use of screw without cleaning, burnt matter accumulation, extrusion with FEP material.

(3) The heating time is too long, and the plastic accumulation is heated for a long time, which makes the plastic aging and


(4) Stop time is too long, do not clean the machine head and screws, leading to FEP material decomposition and burning.

(5)FEP decomposition char is due to multiple mold or color changes.

(6) The head gland is not pressed tightly, and the internal aging decomposing FEP.

(7) Instrument failure, control temperature, resulting in scorching ultra-high temperature.


3. Char elimination method.

(1) Frequent check whether the heating system is normal.

(2) The screw or the head should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

(3) Heating according to technological regulations. Heating time should not be too long. If there is a problem with the heating

system, it should be solved by relevant personnel in time.

(4) Mold or color changes should be cleaned in time to prevent mixed color or glue burning.

(5) After the mold is adjusted, the mold sleeve should be pressed tightly to prevent glue.

(6) Immediately clean the machine head and screw, found burnt.


Figure 1: Extruder 1    Source: Dan Kai

2. Poor plasticization.

1. Undesirable plasticizing phenomenon.

(1) Toad skin type plastic layer surface phenomenon.

(2) The temperature control is low, the temperature reflected by the instrument pointer is low, and the actual temperature measured is also low.

(3) Black plastic surface, there are small cracks or not plasticized small particles.

(4) There are obvious marks, and the adhesive suture of FEP is not good.

2. Causes of poor plasticization.

(1) Temperature control is too low or improper control.

(2) It is difficult for resin particles to be plasticized in FEP material.

(3) Improper operation method, too fast screw and traction speed, FEP material is not completely plasticized.

(4)FEP material is mixed unevenly in the granulation process or FEP material itself has quality problems.

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This article by the teflon tube little sister original, welcome to pay attention to, take you together long knowledge!


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