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Briefly describe the relationship between the coffee machine and the Teflon tube

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Briefly describe the relationship between the coffee machine and the Teflon tube

  • Categories:Industry news
  • Author:PFA tube lady
  • Origin:PFA tube lady
  • Time of issue:2008-09-17 15:21
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Briefly describe the relationship between the coffee machine and the Teflon tube

  • Categories:Industry news
  • Author:PFA tube lady
  • Origin:PFA tube lady
  • Time of issue:2008-09-17 15:21
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  One, the industry standard of coffee machine Teflon tube

  Food grade coffee machine Teflon tube; coffee machine special Teflon tube

  2. Introduction of Teflon

  The PTFE tube is extruded with high-quality plunger. It adopts a special processing technology to make the steel pipe and the plastic tube tightly combined. It can withstand a positive pressure of 1.6Mpa, a negative pressure: 77Kpa; it can be at -60℃~+260 Normal use within ℃, with reliable and excellent corrosion resistance. Transporting highly corrosive gases and liquids at high temperatures cannot be replaced by other pipelines. PTFE tube material: PTFE resin. Operating temperature of PTFE tube: -80~+260℃.

  3. Teflon performance

  PTFE tube performance: strong acid resistance: strong alkali chemical reagent high temperature self-lubricating.

  Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has excellent chemical stability, can withstand all strong acids, strong alkalis, and strong oxidants, and does not interact with various organic solvents. PTFE has a wide operating temperature range. It can be used for a long time at -180℃~250℃ under normal pressure. After 1000h of treatment at 250℃, its mechanical properties will change little. PTFE has a very low friction factor, is a good anti-friction, self-lubricating material, its static friction coefficient is less than the dynamic friction coefficient, so it has the advantages of low starting resistance and smooth running when used to make bearings.

  Because PTFE is non-polar, heat-resistant and does not absorb water, it is also an excellent electrical insulating material. It also has excellent aging resistance, non-stickiness and non-combustibility. Various profiles and parts made of PTFE, such as bars, tubes, films, bearings, gaskets, valves, etc., are widely used in machinery, chemical industry, aviation, electrical and electronics, defense industry, cutting-edge technology, medical and health, and electrical insulation And other fields.

  Four, new and old coffee machines about the changes in the Teflon tube:

  (1) Problems with old products are as follows:

  (1) The casing components used have high processing requirements. Otherwise, the joint force is often insufficient, and the pipe is pushed out of the pipe and water leakage occurs.

  This tube assembly is made of stainless steel inner liner + Teflon tube + copper outer ring sleeve through the joint. The tightness of the joint force directly affects the slippage of the pipe. In addition to the tightness of the joint, the tolerances of the inner and outer diameters of the stainless steel inner bushing, Teflon tube, and copper outer ring are extremely related to the joint force. If the joint is too loose and the tube is detached, it will be difficult for personnel to assemble it if it is too tight. Therefore, the tolerances of the inner and outer diameters of the three types of components are extremely demanding, and each other affects the convenience and reliability of assembly.

  (2) The processing of the tube components is time-consuming. In addition to the assembly, the combination of stainless steel inner sleeve + Teflon tube and the combination of Teflon tube + copper outer ring sleeve are required.

  (3) The cost of the pipe assembly is high, including a stainless steel inner liner + Teflon sleeve (necessary) + copper outer ring.

  (4) As the Teflon tube has a stainless steel inner liner, the decrease of the tube diameter directly affects the flow rate.

  (5) Because there is a stainless steel inner liner in the Teflon tube, the diameter of the tube becomes smaller. If it encounters dynamic vapor pressure, the tube tends to be under higher pressure close to the stainless steel inner liner, causing expansion and bulging. Even the 100-degree boiling water splashing in the burst tube is unsafe.

  (2) The finished product of the new product Teflon tube assembly is improved in response to the shortcomings of the existing connection method. The improvement description is as follows:

  (1) Abandon the metal inner liner and use it to reduce the material cost.

  (2) Abandon the metal outer bushing and save the labor hours for inner joint processing.

  (3) Abandon the metal outer bushing, and save labor hours for outer joint processing.

  (4) Abandon the metal inner liner and avoid the reduction of the inner diameter of the pipe without affecting the flow rate.

  (5) Abandon the metal inner liner, avoid the tube inner diameter to be reduced, and reduce the risk of tube bursting to dynamic steam pressure.

  (6) The metal outer bushing is discarded, and the cost of the copper ring material is reduced.

  (7) Abandon the metal outer bushing, and do not use the joint method to make the components, so as to avoid the problem of dripping and leakage due to poor jointing.

  5. Processing process of Teflon tube for coffee machine

  We often see Teflon tubes in our daily lives. So, what do we need to pay attention to during the processing of Teflon tubes? Next, the manufacturer of Teflon tubes for coffee machines will explain to you.

  Matters needing attention during Teflon tube processing:

  During the construction of the Teflon pipe, the following points need to be paid attention to:

  1. Cut the seamless steel pipe according to the actual size, weld the steel pipe and the welding ring. Manual argon arc welding can be used in the ring. Splashes during welding should be cleaned up with a file, and the fillet welds should be ground into rounded corners. There are sharp edges.

  2. Drill a small hole at the end of the steel pipe, make a clear mark, and not block it. This hole is used to discharge the residual gas between the steel pipe and the Teflon pipe during heating, and to observe whether the Teflon pipe is damaged or leaked during the pressure test.

  3. The steel pipe should be pre-assembled before lining. When assembling, add proper thickness of asbestos bajin pad at the interface to meet the overall size requirements after lining.

  4. The assembled seamless steel pipe should be sandblasted to remove the rust on the inner wall, and then the inner cavity of the pipe should be purged with compressed air. Insert the Teflon tube into the steel pipe. If some of the Teflon tubes are not round and cannot be inserted, hot water, steam or an intermediate frequency heating furnace should be used to heat the Teflon tubes, and the heating temperature should not exceed 100°C.

  5. When cutting the Teflon tube, consider the length of the flanging. Generally, a length of 35-40 is reserved above the welding ring surface. Before flanging, put an asbestos Bajin gasket on the Teflon tube. The flanging of the Teflon tube is carried out in two steps. In the first step, the flanging is turned into a bell mouth. The mold used for the flanging is a tapered aluminum casting. When flanging, heat the mold with an oxygen-acetylene flame. Measure the temperature of the mold with a semiconductor surface thermometer. The temperature of the mould should not be too high, and the temperature should be controlled between 260℃-280℃. When flanging, slowly press down the heated tapered mold. When the mold is pressed to the edge of the welding ring, do not press it again. At this time, use water to cool it. Remove the mold when it cools to the ambient temperature. The flanging in the second step further deforms the nozzle. This time the mould is flat, and the heating method and temperature control of the mould are the same as in the first step.

  6. After heating, slowly press down the tyre, and flatten it completely, then cool it to ambient temperature with water, and then remove the tyre.

  7. Put a blind plate on the lined pipe and send it into a special heating cylinder, connect the compressed air pipe, heat the cylinder by medium frequency heating method, heat the entire pipe to about 280℃, and then slowly pass it through People 8-lOkgf/cm2 of compressed air. Put the Teflon pipe in the sink, soak the steel pipe in water, slowly pass in 15kgf/cm2 compressed air, and check whether bubbles are generated at the drilled hole. If bubbles are found, the Teflon pipe is broken. The reason is mainly due to uneven heating or too fast inflation speed. The two ends of the lined steel pipe are sealed with wooden blind plates to prevent the Teflon pipe from being scratched.

  Six, food grade coffee machine Teflon tube manufacturer

  Teflon tube the factory of Miss Sister's home;

  Seven, how to judge the quality of the Teflon tube

  In recent years, the performance of the Teflon tube has been greatly improved, and it has been favored by more consumers. The following editor briefly talks about a few points so that you can quickly understand the quality of Teflon tubes through these tips. Here, the manufacturer of special Teflon tubes for coffee machines (my sister's house of Teflon tubes) will share a few tips for you to quickly understand the quality of Teflon tubes.

  (1) Touch, you can tell by the feel if other materials have been added.

  (2) Look, some pipes have special colors. If other colors appear, it means something has been added.

  (3) Smell, most of the current pipes still have an odor, which has not yet reached the level of environmental protection.

  (4) The quality of the pipe can be seen through the test of elasticity.

  Nowadays, our family will decorate many pipes such as water pipes, heating pipes, etc., and these pipes are all innovatively transformed in this respect according to the different needs of the industry. Not only have new pipes appeared, such as Teflon pipes, but also the original stainless steel pipes have been transformed in this respect, so that we can better utilize them and bring convenience to our industry and families.

  Shenzhen DanKai Technology Co., Ltd. (ShenZhen DanKai Technology Co.,ltd.), whose predecessor was Dongguan Dandi Insulation Material Co., Ltd. Fluoroplastic Material Factory, which was established in 1998, specializes in FEP, PFA, PTFE and other fluoroplastic pipes. R&D, production and sales of rod, sheet and film products and other insulating materials. The company has a senior R&D team with international standards and a production line of fluorine plastic products imported from abroad. Some fluoroplastic products have passed ISO9001, SGS, FDA certification, and have been fully affirmed by domestic and foreign cooperative customers such as Huawei, Foxconn, Midea, ZTE, Intel, and AirTAC. The main products of the company are: ①Tubes: Ptfe tube, Fep tube, Pfa tube, Pvdf tube; ②Heat shrinkable tube: Ptfe heat shrinkable tube, Fep heat shrinkable tube, Pfa heat shrinkable tube, Pvdf heat shrinkable tube; ③Plate rod Membrane: Ptfe board and rod film, Fep board and rod film, Pfa board and rod film, Pvdf board and rod film; ④Insulation materials: silica gel, PE, PVC, UPE, etc.; ⑤Special category: PFA imported connector, spiral tube, spring tube , Rotary cut tube, welding rod, tee, straight-through, gasket, joint, taper rod, flared tube, sealing tube, braided tube, bellows, etc. At the same time, fluorine plastic products of various specifications can be customized and processed according to customer requirements.

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