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What are the different characteristics of transparent PFA tubes?

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What are the different characteristics of transparent PFA tubes?

  • Categories:Industry news
  • Author:Miss Teflon tube
  • Origin:Miss Teflon tube
  • Time of issue:2010-05-20 15:21
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What are the different characteristics of transparent PFA tubes?

  • Categories:Industry news
  • Author:Miss Teflon tube
  • Origin:Miss Teflon tube
  • Time of issue:2010-05-20 15:21
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  1. Introduction

  1. Name: Pfa tube, soluble polyperfluoroethylene propylene tube, transparent Teflon tube;

  2. Pfa tube color:

  Common colors: transparent, black; less common colors: yellow, brown, green, blue and other colors can be customized;

  3. Pfa tube characteristics

  Common features of Pfa tube:

  Operating temperature: -200 degrees to 260 degrees;

  Ease of processing: can flanging and welding;

  Aging resistance: can be exposed to ozone and sunlight for a long time without aging;

  High transparency: The refractive index is low among all plastics, and the flow of the medium in the pig can be viewed directly;

  Corrosion resistance: It can withstand the action of all strong acids, strong oxidants, strong reducing agents and various organic solvents except molten alkali metals, fluorinated media and those above 300°.

  Unusual features of Pfa tube:

  Density: 2.16-2.20g/cm³

  Volume resistance>1×1018

  Surface resistance>2×1013

  Arc resistance> 165 seconds without leakage

  Low water absorption: water absorption rate <0.1%

  Lower coefficient of friction: the coefficient of friction is smaller;

  The surface is not sticky: the known solid material head cannot stick to the surface;

  Non-combustibility: Will not burn in the air and meet the strict requirements for fire protection;

  Non-toxic: non-toxic, tasteless, physiologically inert, and harmless to people and the environment.

  2. Common specifications of Pfa tube are available in stock: inner diameter * outer diameter (unit: mm) other specifications can be customized

  Pfa tube metric system: 2*4 3*5 4*6 5*7 6*8 8*10 8*12 9*12 10*1212*14 14*16 16*18 18*20

  Pfa tube inch system: 1/8 inch (1.6*3.2) 1/4 inch (3.96*6.35) 3/8 inch (6.35*9.525)

  1/2 inch (9.5*12.7) 3/4 inch (15.88*19.05) 1 inch (22.2*25.4)

  Pfa pipes can be produced in specifications, with an inner diameter of 0.5mm to 200mm and a wall thickness of 0.12mm to 3mm




  Figure 1 Source of fep tube: Miss Teflon tube

  3. Common problems of Pfa tube

  (1) pfa pipeline standard

  In the International Standard Classification, pfa pipes refer to pipe components and pipes.

  In the Chinese standard classification, pfa pipelines involve pipeline accessories.

  (2) The main difference between pfa tube and ptfe tube

  1. Different in nature

  PFA: It is a copolymer of a small amount of perfluoropropyl perfluorovinyl ether and polytetrafluoroethylene.

  PTFE: A polymer compound formed by the polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene.

  2. Different characteristics

  PFA characteristics: crystalline material, low moisture absorption; poor fluidity, easy to decompose; translucent pellets, injection molding, extrusion molding.

  PTFE characteristics: high temperature resistance; low temperature resistance; corrosion resistance; weather resistance; high lubrication; non-stickiness.

  (3) pfa pipe connection method

  1. Threaded connection

  2. Flaring connection; that is to heat the tube and put it on.

  (4) pfa pipeline brand

  Miss Teflon tube home is the source manufacturers, industrial brands to choose from.

  Fourth, the main purpose of Pfa tube

  1. Suitable for making corrosion-resistant parts, wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts, sealing parts, insulating parts and medical equipment parts.

  2. High-temperature wire and cable insulation, anti-corrosion equipment, sealing materials, pump valve bushings, and chemical containers.

  3. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, heat exchangers, steam piping, corrosive medium conveying pipes, wire and cable sheaths, slot insulation pipes, and fluorine-plastic O-ring seals.

  Shenzhen DanKai Technology Co., Ltd. (ShenZhen DanKai Technology Co.,ltd.), whose predecessor was Dongguan Dandi Insulation Material Co., Ltd. Fluoroplastic Material Factory, which was established in 1998, specializes in FEP, PFA, PTFE and other fluoroplastic pipes. R&D, production and sales of rod, sheet and film products and other insulating materials. The company has a senior R&D team with international standards and a production line of fluorine plastic products imported from abroad. Some fluoroplastic products have passed ISO9001, SGS, FDA certification, and have been fully affirmed by domestic and foreign cooperative customers such as Huawei, Foxconn, Midea, ZTE, Intel, and AirTAC. The main products of the company are: ①Tubes: Ptfe tube, Fep tube, Pfa tube, Pvdf tube; ②Heat shrinkable tube: Ptfe heat shrinkable tube, Fep heat shrinkable tube, Pfa heat shrinkable tube, Pvdf heat shrinkable tube; ③Plate rod Membrane: Ptfe board and rod film, Fep board and rod film, Pfa board and rod film, Pvdf board and rod film; ④Insulation materials: silica gel, PE, PVC, UPE, etc.; ⑤Special category: PFA imported connector, spiral tube, spring tube , Rotary cut tube, welding rod, tee, straight-through, gasket, joint, taper rod, flared tube, sealing tube, braided tube, bellows, etc. At the same time, fluorine plastic products of various specifications can be customized and processed according to customer requirements.

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